Kawasaki Kimono Walk Vol.6! -Kawasaki Bar-Hopping!

KAWASAKI Kimono Walk presents a special event linked with Kawasaki’s most unique event "Kanamara Matsuri!" Let's enjoy "Kawasaki BAR-HOPPING" in Kimono!

The event will be held on the same day of world famous and Kawasaki’s most unique festival called “Kanamara Matsuri” which brings in tourists from all over the world. Approx. 50,000 visitors will make their way to Kawasaki!

After the visit of Japan's famous festival, let's enjoy popular Bar-Hopping event! "Kawasaki Kimono walk" collaborates and offers a great deal especially for this event! You can enjoy the day by having a drink and special menus among about 40 popular restaurants and bars in authentic Kimono! Exotic Yakitori Izakaya, popular Jpanese dishes and lots of 'Cool Japan' entertainment awaits for you! Great opportunity to meet up and experience the Japanese culture!

★Kawasaki BAR-HOPPING!: http://lacittadella.co.jp.e.aan.hp.transer.com/kawasakibar/

★Sign up required for Kimono dressing: https://ws.formzu.net/fgen/S24996007/
Dead line: April 2nd, Tue

<Special Bar-Hopping in Kimono!>
【Date】Sunday, April 7th 2019
【Time】12:00 am-22:00 pm
・Kimono dressing at Hotel & Hostel ON THE MARKS
・Bar-Hopping event at LA CITTADELLA and Ogawa-cho area
【Fee】4,000 yen
★Kimono rental & Hair arrangement, 1 Furumaizake included
★Food & Beverage fee separated.
【Capacity】30 people *Men's kimono available for up to 5
【Reservations】Tel 044-221-2250 Online form: https://ws.formzu.net/fgen/S24996007/

12:00 Kimono dressing starts -Hotel & Hostel ON THE MARKS
①12:00 ②13:00 ③14:00
*Please choose dressing time.
16:00 Kagamiwari ceremony -LA CITTADELLA Open space
★Free to participate Bar-Hopoing event (14:00-22:00)
★Free to leave whenever

※Please return the kimono by 22:00
※Please note those photos or movie taken during the event will be used on media for PR purposes.
※Cancellation on the day will result in full cancel charge.